Pays de Fontainebleau and the CNSD become Preparation Centres for the 2024 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games

In 2024, France will be organising the biggest sporting event on the planet. Pays de Fontainebleau, named a ‘Terre de Jeux’ (‘Land of the Games’) in 2019, has been recognised by the organising committee for the Olympics and Paralympics as a Preparation Centre for the 2024 Games in Paris.

Pays de Fontainebleau, the CNSD (Centre National des Sports de la Défense) and the town of Fontainebleau have become Games Preparation Centres ready to welcome delegations from all over the world. Three intermunicipal facilities (Grand Parquet, La Magdeleine Nautical Centre and Philippe Mahut Stadium) and the CNSD facilities were approved by the organising committee for the 2024 Paris Olympics and Paralympics.

This approval is the result of an overall study of the region and its sporting and structural facilities (hospital infrastructure, transport and even accommodation).

Pays de Fontainebleau is offering no fewer than 31 disciplines in the Games Preparation Centres catalogue, released to foreign delegations in early 2021. In its preparations to welcome these foreign delegations, Pays de Fontainebleau is being assisted by the regional council as part of the Team 77 campaign.


Beginning in 2019, Grand Parquet has undergone renovation work to all of its equestrian arenas, exhibition areas, and public viewing terraces with disabled access, and been generally upgraded.

Its advantages: all three Olympic and Paralympic disciplines can be completed on site, in a natural, peaceful environment with a team in a discreet, professional location.

Grand Parquet and the Olympic Games 

  • 1924 Olympic Games: at the end of the Olympic Games in Paris, Grand Parquet hosted the equestrian section of the modern pentathlon as well as a major competition among the world’s best show jumpers.

The Championnat de France senior competitions have been held here since 1950.

  • 1980 Olympic Games: Olympic eventing competitions.

Our Olympic medallists: Hubert Parot, Marcel Rozier, and as of 2016 Philippe Rozier and Roger Yves Bost!