Covering 26 hectares...

Grand Parquet’s infrastructure facilitates equestrian and sporting events, as well as public or professional exhibitions, seminars and performances.

The six arenas and the parade ring:

  • The main arena (‘Grand Parquet’) at 12,000 m², grass surface with open terraces offering 512 seats. The stands have 1,125 seats, including 17 for people with reduced mobility
  • Petit Parquet at 8,000 m², sandy surface with terraces offering 200 seats
  • Princes arena at 8,000 m², sandy surface with terraces offering 525 seats
  • O’ Delant arena at 3,962 m², sandy surface
  • Puits du Cormier arena at 5,478 m², sandy surface
  • Spring Garden at 3,384 m², sandy surface with terraces offering 192 seats
  • Havrincourt ring at 496 m², sandy surface


  • An area with 237 fixed stalls covering 9,200 m² and 58 parking spaces covering 2,500 m²

‘Exhibition village’ area:

  • A 10,000 m² space able to hold five restaurants and more than 150 exhibitors, in the parking area for the fixed stalls and sports fields

Five meeting rooms:

  • Five meeting rooms 25 to 69 m² in size, fully equipped for your seminars and corporate events

Parking areas:

  • Salamander: space for 1,500 light vehicles, near to Grand Parquet
  • Polygon: space for 400 light vehicles, by the main entrance to Grand Parquet
  • Onsite parking: One area by the permanent boxes, space for 200 light vehicles or 50 heavy goods vehicles
  • A second area in front of the reception platforms for our temporary boxes, space for 800 light vehicles or 90 heavy goods vehicles
  • Official parking: Space for 100 light vehicles
  • Montmorillon: space for 5,000 light vehicles, 500 m from the Grand Parquet site

Site overview